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Even though cop shows were something she liked to belittle, 'Rockford Files' made Irma's Top 10 list.Little Rock
'YES!!!' whooped Gil through the attic vent. 'We have an input for phono, Lulu! We are golden!'Honolulu
Brit said that August and September won't work due to her Cornish corn treatments.Augusta
Sheriff Perch had three chief suspects: an indian, a Polish cowpoke, and a cross-dressing Swede.Indianapolis
'I keep telling' ya – I ONLY do facials!' hollered Bart. 'You gotta see Frank for the pedicures!'Frankfort
Wriggling out from under the trailer, Elbert asked Helga, 'Whatcha wanna eat first - dove, rat, or possum?'Dover
Dr. Bart first suspected Elena had a Santa fetish when she slipped into bed in nothing but reindeer ears.Santa Fe
'Cool!' shouted Kiki. 'The Charles' tongues are blue. I want some cotton candy too!!!'Charleston
Dr. Bart wished to apply his Burmese bunion treatment to Brit in June, August, or September.Juneau
'If I had one wish, Elena,' confided Dr. Bart, 'it would be that one time I'd get to wear the ears.'Helena
Sentence Capital % Correct
'I think Billy Jack's onto us,' whispered Bobby Joe to Betty Sue. 'He's got my swim trunks and a gun.'Jackson
'Ya mon, you gotta be a rich mon, Danny mon, to eat fried prawn at the Jamaican Swan, mon.'Richmond
'Remember,' said Archer, still in his official LOTR Gandalf hat, 'Bilbo is especially courageous for a Hobbit.'Boise
'Mohammad is on Gollum's side of the ring debate,' stated Archer. 'And he's not completely wrong.' Madison
On his date with Brit, Archer wore the yellow Comic-Con corduroys and 'Spock for President' t-shirt.Concord
In the final showdown with Lt. Flesh, Sal employed all his tricks - including his patented nippy twister.Salem
While Fallopian had never heard Allan sing, she knew he'd be fab based on his nose yodeling.Lansing
Yuri finished sixth at Central, eighth at South, and third – with a very fast time – at Ridgemont High.Raleigh
Ed and Irma strolled the pier, reflecting on Joe Santos' role in the success of the 'Rockford Files.'Pierre
'How can the principal ban you from all dances?' Helga asked Elbert. 'The gun wasn't even loaded.'Albany

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