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Nurse Bratwurst said with a bit too much relish: 'It's time to numb Ershova's nipple for the piercing.'Numbers
Wendy wanted to get a very small uke for her Southern Jamboree Square Dancing Barbie.Luke
With an axe clenched in each fist, mighty Matt hewed through the forest like a termite through balsa.Matthew
CJ Buck, attorney at law, was determined to prove RBS Exterminating negligible in the death of Mittens.Proverbs
Col. Ossi Ansbarger remained silent and stoic as Dr. Horse filled all three of his cavities.Colossians
Mr. Willip was hoping to join Mrs. Willip, Sal, Ms. Mint, and the plumber at the gallery.Psalms
Valencia didn't think the Castro mansion should be converted into a cigar-wrapping factory.Romans
Gerhardt was aghast that young Johann would freeze Kielbasa after cooking it.Ezekiel
Sentence Bible Book % Correct
Baily spotted Herb and Venus at the 'Death to Disco' fundraiser, but didn't see Les there.Esther
Chub's favorite teacher was Miss Polenta because she brews her own 'beer-shine' from scratch. Hebrews
'I don't know what Gene's issue is with the cobra,' said a puzzled Patty. 'It just likes to snuggle.'Genesis
Bond kept an eye trained on Oddjob's bowler as he tried to lure Goldfinger's henchman into the brine.Job
Vittorini's premier dish was Spaghetti Tuscany – which featured beef from the Chiana Valley.Titus
Gerda loved to lather jam, especially seedless grape, on her liverwurst sandwiches.James
Ever since her garden was featured in 'Today's Hoe,' Mrs. Plimp was known as the 'Lilac Tsar.'Acts
Senator Binkle chose a puppy, not a baby, to kiss in the aftermath of his recent PETA comments.Hosea

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