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Can you name the phrases and titles that use the same word twice?

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Robert Wagner/Stefanie Powers TV series
Go up against one another, like boxers
Vacuum cleaners were once sold this way
1966 Bob Dylan album
If two people agree, they see ___
Next to each other
How lovers might walk
Meeting in person, as opposed to on the phone
The type of announcer with the color commentator
Mattel party game with fruit in the title
1978 Doobie Brothers' album and song
Complete, totally; often used to describe a 'lie'
If someone's truthful, they're said to be on the ___
Combat at a very close range
Often accompanies 'Dust to Dust'
Often accompanies 'Eye for an Eye'
Often accompanies 'Talk the Talk'
Ruthless; it's a ___ world out there
Famous phrase from Hamlet's soliloquy
How some describe two championships in a row
Eateries not taking reservations go by this policy
Basketball defense when you're not playing zone
B2B, spelled out
How carpeting is often installed
Automobile warranties give you this coverage
Another way of saying 'all things considered'
Resuscitation is frequently done this way
Review each one separately or on a ___ basis
It's helpful when instructions are written this way
A missile fired by one aircraft at another
Covering an entire nation or continent

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