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Can you name the words that have one spelling but two different pronunciations and meanings?

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Meaning/Pronunciation #1WordMeaning/Pronunciation #2
A type of metalTo be in front
Very personalTo hint or suggest
Well-spokenTo express clearly
Not factualOne who is incapacitated by an illness
A substituteSwitch back and forth
An explanation why you did somethingTo give permission to leave
Not togetherTo move two things apart
Done intentionally, not by accidentTo think about
Knowledgeable of academic subjectsGained knowledge
A task or jobTo stick out
A musical releaseTo copy sounds
NearTo shut
OldTo become old
A table filled with foodTo keep hitting against something
Two female deerAccomplishes
A unit of timeVery small
A catOozing pus
A female pigTo spread seed
A gustTo turn
A qualityTo give credit to
A fishA stringed instrument
Perfect in every wayTo bring to completion
ComplexTo give more details
A giftTo show something to someone
Not pre-recordedTo reside
GarbageTo say you won't do something
A birdMoved downward through water
Hitting a golf ballPlacing something
SuitableTo take something illegally or for yourself
A tied ribbon on a giftTo bend forward

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