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QUIZ: Can you name the rhyming two-syllable words?

Quiz Updated Nov 17, 2011

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HintWord1st Letter
Distress signal, used by ships and aircraft M
Stick used for hoppingP
To socialize with the rich or famousH
Pretentious or foolish talkC
A simpletonN
A corporate symbolL
A jumble or a mix of different thingsH
A mentor or spiritual leaderG
Ralph Lauren brandP
HintWord1st Letter
Not a blonde or brunetteR
A high-ranking person at a companyB
A talented person with a tendency to show offH
A religion whose followers believe in magicV
It carries school books and suppliesB
It precedes basket; ants like to ruin itP
Motley; patchwork; usually describes a groupR
Where you'll find recipesC
Conical tentT

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