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Can you name the products and brands that end with the letter A?

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HintEnds in A
Hazelnut chocolate spread from Italy
Processed cheese known for 'velvety' smoothness
Honda's luxury product line
Top-selling Mexican beer in the U.S.
This instant coffee was one of the first decaf options
Counterpart to Franken Berry or Boo Berry
Nabsico's ___ Wafers – the cookies in the yellow box
Bubble gum packaged with cartoon strip
One of the most popular push-up brassieres
PepsiCo's brand of bottled water
Top-selling artificial sweetener (Equal is #2)
Pfizer's top-selling erectile-dysfunction drug
Michelob's low-carb offering
High-end chocolate known for its gold packaging
Nestle's iced tea product
Menthol-based skin cleanser sold in blue jars
Heavy-duty work soap that contains pumice
Tater Tots creator (When it says ___, it’s All Righta)
Tuna known for mermaid mascot
Discontinued clear malt beverage from Coors

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