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Can you name the U.S. Presidents whose surnames are hidden within the sentences below?

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Caleb ushered the girl scouts to their seats for the title bout between Dr. Eye Patch and the Poker.
Hornea took gran to Nurse Felt for yet another treatment on the temperamental fungus.
Uncle Wong yelled, 'Stop eating the Persian grapes and bring me the shopping cart, Ernestine!'
Belinda the one-armed carhop noticed she had fabric lint on her brand new black miniskirt.
Due to Billy Jack's ongoing battle with the photocopier, he was asked yet again to attend anger management.
The Buckleys simply couldn't afford to buy new underpants for all nineteen of their children.
Lonnie told Fritz to lob a mango his way cuz he needed a tropical fruit fix before writing any more limericks.
The young male beavers had casanova dams for their nightly carousing along the river bank.
Quentin Horselip saw his classmate Art hurry into the bathroom clutching his stomach.
One of the best screwball pitchers in the history of the OB/GYN Baseball League was Lefty Leroy Stirrups.
Bissie Ann couldn't believe how many creampuffs she had to fill. More were coming out of the oven too.
From the pier, celebrities could be seen on the enormous yacht imbibing champagne and laughing gaily.
Weird Al Yankovic's Tommy John song was hilarious to baseball players, particularly short stops.
The Sugar Field Express was the fastest stagecoach to Dodge City and Plumbers Butte.
When Bo's flatulence drove his sweetie from the room, he pleaded, 'Please stay, Lori. I won't be gassy no more.'
The way Lucinda Binkmeier would sashay especially pleased the sailors who smoked outside the tanning salon.
Homer Hockspur was deeply in love with Shar Dingle because of her beautiful locks of red hair.
The Sunday banjo brigade liked to strum and pluck until the moonshine ran dry.
Yahoo versus Bing has become a silly search engine fight to be a distant second to Google.
It was largely because of the Bay Area gangs that Hiram Higgle decided to carry mace in his fanny pack.

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