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Can you name the common word pairs when given a synonym for each word (volume 2)?

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Pair-onymActual Pair
Unintelligent and More Unintelligent
Embraces and Smooches
Animal Flesh and Starchy Tubers
Paid Athletes and Prisoners
Ditty and Foxtrot
Unevens and Conclusions
Attempted and Verifiable
Fleet-Footed and Cheesed-Off
Street and Trail
Skin and Bodily Liquid
Absolve and Overlook
Undiluted and Easy
Sneakers and Hosiery
Ajar and Closed
Pokey and Constant
Pair-onymActual Pair
Fresh and Better
Lifelessness and Tariffs
Misplaced and Located
Urine and Pickling Solution
Dorito and Valley
Ordinance and Logical Arrangement
Breaking Wave and Artificial Grass
Stopper and Staged Drama
Packing and Hostile
Hand Over and Grab Back
Twigs and Rocks
Segment and Plot of Land
Eat and Skedaddle
Niceness and Villainy
Steamy and Steamed

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