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Can you name each word as being one word (A) or two words (B), per Merriam-Webster Dictionary?

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WordsA or B?
A) Blackjack OR B) Black jack
A) Icecream OR B) Ice cream
A) Bookstore OR B) Book store
A) Questionmark OR B) Question mark
A) Mousetrap OR B) Mouse trap
A) Meatloaf OR B) Meat loaf
A) Homerun OR B) Home run
A) Cellphone OR B) Cell phone
A) Eggroll OR B) Egg roll
A) Drillpress OR B) Drill press
A) Coldcuts OR B) Cold cuts
A) Girlfriend OR B) Girl friend
A) Videogame OR B) Video game
A) Shoelace OR B) Shoe lace
A) Schoolbook OR B) School book
A) Backyard OR B) Back yard
A) Coffeemaker OR B) Coffee maker
A) Truckstop OR B) Truck stop
A) Sunscreen OR B) Sun screen
A) Speakeasy OR B) Speak easy
A) Greenhouse OR B) Green house
A) Healthcare OR B) Health care
A) Toolshed OR B) Tool shed
A) Postoffice OR B) Post office
A) Miniskirt OR B) Mini skirt
WordsA or B?
A) Stockmarket OR B) Stock market
A) Paperback OR B) Paper back
A) Teacup OR B) Tea cup
A) Hairpiece OR B) Hair piece
A) Polevault OR B) Pole vault
A) Springtime OR B) Spring time
A) Windowshade OR B) Window shade
A) Sportscar OR B) Sports car
A) Racehorse OR B) Race horse
A) Airfield OR B) Air field
A) Waterbed OR B) Water bed
A) Skyscraper OR B) Sky scraper
A) Ratrace OR B) Rat race
A) Motionpicture OR B) Motion picture
A) Matchstick OR B) Match stick
A) Slipknot OR B) Slip knot
A) Hairspray OR B) Hair spray
A) Bookkeeper OR B) Book keeper
A) Rocksalt OR B) Rock salt
A) Squaredance OR B) Square dance
A) Diningroom OR B) Dining room
A) Lipstick OR B) Lip stick
A) Bestseller OR B) Best seller
A) Quicksand OR B) Quick sand
A) Boardgame OR B) Board game

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