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Can you name the six-letter words where two of the letters are replaced with each clue?

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Clue6-Letter Word
Activity done with oars.
Improving a skill.
Decreasing, like the moon.
A dog...or tooth.
Tigers Hall of Fame right fielder.
A desire to cause pain to another.
A California beach...or Chevy car.
Environment or social setting.
Slicker or greasier or...
Neater or cleaner or...
What a lumberjack might yell.
What the lumberjack creates, thus his title.
Clue6-Letter Word
What Americans call European football.
Receptacle for a light bulb.
Fired or let go from a job.
Ridiculed...hopefully not for losing the job.
What the clock did before it tocked.
Gary Anderson or Morten Andersen.
Riskier or more unpredictable.
Less intelligent or more obtuse.
Using a drug to improve athletic ability.
What you're doing to enter this answer.
Activity done with trailer hitches.

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