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Can you name the words that have been 'stripped' from these movie titles?

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Skin FlickCorrect Word
Boyz n the Nude
The Men Who Stare at Nudes
Nude and Confused
Women on the Verge of a Nudity Breakdown
Bad Nude Bears
Dirty Naked Scoundrels
The Good, the Bad and the Buck-Naked
All Naked on the Western Front
There Will Be Nudity
Nude Poets Society
Nanook of the Naked
The Loneliness of the Bare-Naked Runner
Of Nude Bondage
The Last Nude Show
All This, and Naked Too
They Shoot Nudes, Don't They?
We Need to Talk About Nudity
The Best Nudity of Our Lives
The Importance of Being Nude
Skin FlickCorrect Word
Naked Without a Cause
Despicable Nudity
Sweet Smell of Nudity
And Now for Something Completely Nude
From Here to Nudity
Little Nude Man
The Nudity of Miss Jean Brodie
Sunday Nude Sunday
The Nude Who Came in from the Cold
Closely Watched Nudes
A Man for All Nudes
Who's That Naked at My Door
The Pink Panther Nude Again
Nude Times at Ridgemont High
Something Naked This Way Comes
The Unbearable Lightness of Nudity
There's Something About Nudity
The Naked Ultimatum
Thank You for Nudity

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