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Based on the clue, can you name the new title of these movies that have had one word replaced with a rhyming word? (See HOW TO PLAY for example)

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ClueMovie w/Rhyming Clue
Jodie Foster is an FBI agent who works with a prisoner to find a serial stealer of cured meats.
In this comic Pixar adventure, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen voice Chinese condiments trying to save their pal Chopsticks.
Demi Moore dazzles in this supernatural love story about a heavenly breakfast food.
In this scifi classic featuring Charlton Heston, U.S. astronauts crash-land on a strange planet where everyone is the Hogwarts' Potions professor.
Kevin Costner is an Iowa farmer who builds a sewing factory on his property in this magical film about the love of stitching pants.
The Marx brothers star in a zany satire lampooning dictators, Fascism and bird excrement.
In this noirish musical, John Garfield plays a crooning mailman who does an encore for every song.
Sam Peckinpah's violence-ridden drama about a food fight that erupts during a Sunday buffet.
Colin Firth is masterful in the role of a British royal stalked by a bloodsucking worm.
In this road film set in Wisconsin, Peter Fonda delivers Brie and Gorgonzola on his motorcycle.
Elliot Gould and Donald Sutherland play irreverent, raincoat-clad Korean War vets who enjoy exposing themselves to unsuspecting passersby.
John Travolta, in a star-turning role, plays an armor-clad Medieval soldier who wins a disco contest.
Billy Crystal plays a gambler who wages it all and loses to gambling rival Meg Ryan. But not all is lost. They get married.
In this erotic drama, Marlon Brando carries on a forbidden relationship with the only tropical stone fruit left in France.
Shirley MacLaine and Jack Nicholson play microorganisms in this educational film designed to teach kids about pathogens.
Based on Steinbeck's classic horror novel with Biblical overtones, this film pits James Dean against an evil garden creature.
In a dystopian future world, leather-clad Mel Gibson plays a forlorn cop who can't shake his depression.
In this Billy Wilder romp, Marilyn Monroe plays a woman who accidentally sits in poison ivy with her six sisters.
Matthew Broderick voices a jungle cat bent on constructing a playground toy for his pride.
George Romero's low-budget, black-and-white chiller about killer loaves of pumpernickel.

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