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Can you name the two-word movie title hidden in the two clue words (the first title word is hidden inside the first clue word and the second title word is inside the second clue word)?

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Two WordsHidden MovieYear
Brawny Idealism1986
Discouragingly Ebullient1980
Disconcertingly Hairy1997
Befouled Ballplayer1978
Environmental Pyromaniac2008
Straightjacket Preachers2012
Disappointing Windbreaker1991
Sycophantic Mouthpiece2010
Predatory Screwdrivers1948
Filibuster Dystopia1956
Psychometric Baloney1990
Billiard Peculiarity1997
Two WordsHidden MovieYear
Ambiguous Standoffishness2003
Christopher Eschatology1935
Phallic Compasses2011
Biodiesel Chardonnay1988
Cretinous Porcupines1996
Armadillos Climaxed1980
Carbuncled Turnbuckle1989
Reincarnated Swashbucklers1976
Proboscis Destroyer1995
Sedated Knights2010
Licentious Dowager2002
Catastrophic Flamboyance2009

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