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Can you name the word that completes each set of two-word movie titles when given the first words?

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First WordsSecond Word
Groundhog, Independence, Training
Iron, Repo, Yes
Animal, Monster, Safe
Atlantic, Broken, Sin
Date, Fright, Last
Jersey, My, Working
Deconstructing, Dirty, Handsome
Frozen, Mystic, Red
Drugstore, Midnight, Urban
Chicken, Logan's, Cannonball
17, Dead, You
Nim's, Shutter, Treasure
Modern, Murphy's, True
Blue, October, Vanilla
Ender's, Fair, Spy
Family, Risky, Monkey
42nd, Hanover, Wall
Becoming, Calamity, Lady
Bee, Scary, Silent
Brokeback, Cold, Spencer's
First WordsSecond Word
127, After, Desperate
Gorky, Gosford, Jurassic
American, Betsy's, Muriel's
Arthur, Surviving, White
Cat, Funny, Ordinary
Breaking, Cast, Flushed
Midnight, Pineapple, Snowball
Easy, Ghost, Pale
Match, Vantage, Zabriskie
Body, Caged, White
Beautiful, Fierce, Heavenly
Old, Reservoir, Straw
Open, Rear, Secret
Child's, Foul, Passion
Liberty, Pacific, Wuthering
Hamburger, Notting, Sugar
Alien, Daydream, Prozac
Corpse, June, Runaway
Matchstick, Mystery, Tin
Ghost, Love, Toy

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