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Titles Words DefinedMovie
A person living in the United States.
A class where one learns about past events.
The 24th letter of the alphabet.
The soft inner part of fruit.
A literary work of make believe.
A time when the whole world is destroyed.
At the present time.
A hinged blind for a window.
A piece of land surrounded by water.
Small in size or number.
To fail to hit a target.
Light from the sun.
All the performers in a movie.
In a different direction.
To hit with your fist.
To be intoxicated from drink.
To enjoy something very much.
A small round jewel inside an oyster.
A sheltered port for ships.
Land that is always wet.
An entity that is not named specifically.
Not wearing any clothes.
A midday meal.
Titles Words DefinedMovie
To come to a halt.
The process of creating something.
A general conscious awareness.
A lofty level or position.
Extensive areas of treeless land.
A wanderer with no established home.
Higher-than-normal body temperature.
To throw a baseball to a batter.
A strong sudden feeling of fear.
An area enclosed by walls.
Extravagantly fanciful and unrealistic.
A long trip, especially by boat.
A sharp hit with the palm of the hand.
The firing of a gun or cannon.
To move the head quickly downward.
A liquid food.
After all others.
The state of being active.
A person who is greatly admired.
Introducing radical change.
An open way for travel.
Impressive in size or scope.
An erroneous mental representation.

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