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Can you name the movie titles by putting together the answer of each clue?

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Clue + ClueMovie Title
Someone from the second largest continent + A king's wife
Daffy is one + Restaurants often offer it as an alternative to salad
Where the Clampetts moved + A police officer
What a child plays with during the day + What a child listens to before bed
The witching hour + A player from Dallas' NFL team
What your head rests on at night + What some people do in their sleep
The material of many parking lots + The place where Tarzan ruled
Opposite of fat + Opposite of woman
One of a pair of dice + One of the synonyms for difficult
The end of the world + Immediately
What some orange juice contains + Non nonfiction
Sometimes it's built for two + One who steals
What you add to yellow to make green + A soft fabric
Relating to the entire country + A soft fabric
Not unemployed + Not a boy
Pig Pen's regular condition + President Truman's first name
The class where you'd read Moby Dick + What you are when you visit a doctor
Death inducing + Love inducing
It's known for its 500 list + A snickerdoodle is one
Large + Refrigerate
Clue + ClueMovie Title
Large + What one does at nap time
Weeping + Scrabble or Monopoly
Harsher version of darn + Mickey Mantle's team
Pink ones are found on some lawns + Not an adult
Not empty + First name of original 'Let's Make a Deal' host
Also known as a woodchuck + Opposite of night
Past participle of bear + Two days before tomorrow
$1,000 + The Algonquin in New York is a famous one
Opposite of low + Opposite of midnight
A musical style that includes bebop + A sewing machine brand
A male face card that sometimes holds an ax + A type of jet
Afire + Seats you place on a horse's back
An adjective that described the Rascals + A salad or Roman emperor
Where the Detroit Lions often finish + A ballroom dance in triple time
A feminine title of nobility + The first woman
The name Ed McMahon announced on every show + The instrument Jimi Hendrix played at every concert
Displaying intense anger + Often followed by sh*t
A comedy is supposed to be this + RuPaul likes to be this
A cab + A golf club
A vehicle for mass transit + Antonym of go

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