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Can you name the items in the movie titles that have been replaced by actual product and/or brand names of these items?

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Movie with Product PlacementMissing
Boeing 737!
There's a Girl in My Chunky
Alice's Subway
Head & Shoulders
I Hope They Serve Pabst in Hell
Animal Cheez-Its
The Gillette MACH3 Turbo's Edge
Like Water for Godiva
Ramada Rwanda
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Dockers
The Comcast Guy
Chrysler Wash
Perrier for Elephants
Rear Pella
The Great Amtrak Robbery
Erector Set Story
The Crying Mouse Trap
The Glass Bottom Chris Craft
The Steinway
Baby Barbie
Movie with Product PlacementMissing
City Sylvanias
Rite Aid Cowboy
The iMac Wore Tennis Shoes
Jacuzzi Time Machine
Johnny Gibson Les Paul
Ginsu in the Water
Girl with a Samsonite
This Glock for Hire
Mystic DiGiorno
The Huffy Thieves
Greyhound Stop
sex, lies and Memorex
Blazing Billy Cooks
The Twelve Lazy Boys
Bang the Tama Slowly
Jose Cuervo Sunrise
Chanel No. 5: The Story of a Murderer
The Fortune Nilla Wafer

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