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Can you name the movie when given a lead character's first name and the director's last name (as if they got married)?

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Character First Name/Director SurnameMovie
Travis Scorsese
Scarlett Fleming
HAL Kubrick
Michael/Dorothy Pollack
Pee-wee Burton
Hannibal Demme
Alvy Allen
Rick Curtiz
Hynkel Chaplin
Norman Hitchcock
Jake Polanski
Roger Zemeckis
Butch Hill
Maggie Eastwood
Sugar Wilder
Character First Name/Director SurnameMovie
Sam Huston
Vito Coppola
Raymond Levinson
Jack Cameron
George Capra
Oskar Spielberg
Vincent Tarantino
Bart Brooks
H.I. Coen
T.E. Lean
Charles Foster Welles
Gordon Stone
Stanley Kazan
Carl Ramis
'Verbal' Singer

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