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QUIZ: Can you name the letters A through Z that answer each clue?

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Hugh Jackman's Wolverine is part of superhero group that begins with this letter
Low-budget cult movies originally went by this letter because they played second in a double feature
This 'Funny Girl' star is missing what letter that is typically found in the spelling of her first name
This serial-killer thriller starring Brad Pitt has a number substituted for this letter in its title
This letter is silent in the title of Quentin Tarantino's 2012 film starring Jamie Foxx
Fritz Lang's noirish 1931 thriller starring Peter Lorre had this letter for its title
Character who supplies James Bond with his innovative spy gadgets
Hollywood film producer David Selznick ('Gone with the Wind') used this middle initial in film credits
In 'The Incredibles,' Edna Mode goes by this single-letter nickname
This letter is the title of Costa-Gavras' 1969 Best Picture-nominated French thriller
1981's 'Das Boot' is about the men serving about this type of German boat
Tommy Lee Jones' character in 'Men in Black' is an agent known by this letter
Linda Fiorentino's character in 'Men in Black' is an agent known by this letter
Initial used by the titular character in the 2011 biopic starring Leonardo DiCaprio
'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World' is about a group of strangers racing to find money hidden under this big letter
1985 Best Actor-winner Murray Abraham uses this initial to begin his name
This hit Korean War comedy from 1970 (and long-running TV series) goes by an acronym that ends with this letter
1985's 'Re-Animator' is based on a story by H. __. Lovecraft
Before DVDs and Blu-ray, most of us watched videos on VH__ tape
One of the words in the title of John Singleton's 1991 breakthrough film is this single letter
The letter on the baseball cap of the Peaches - the team coached by Tom Hanks in 'A League of Their Own'
The title of Will Smith's 2004 sci-fi thriller (based on an Isaac Asimov story) begins with this letter
'___ Tu Mamá También'
The actor who played Rocky's antagonist in 'Rocky III' would pity the fool who didn't know this letter in his name
Sidney J. Furie's Vietnam War trilogy begins with the 1978 movie 'The Boys in Company ___'
Film rating indicating a movie is suitable for general audiences

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