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Can you name the missing words from these 1970s TV cartoons?

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70s CartoonMissing Word
Josie and the ___
___ Globetrotters
Groovie ___
Help!...It's the Hair ___ Bunch!
Fat Albert and the ___ Kids
___ Buggy
Schoolhouse ___!
___ Family 2200 A.D.
Hong Kong ___
Wheelie and the ___ Bunch
70s CartoonMissing Word
The Great ___ Ape Show
___, Dog Wonder
Scooby's All Star ___-A-Lympics
Captain ___ and the Teen Angels
Yogi's ___ Race
The Godzilla ___ Hour
The New Adventures of ___ Gordon
The ___ Stooges
___ Friends
Lassie's Rescue ___

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