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Can you name the things below that have the same word twice in a row?

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DefinitionRepeated Word
Toy with string
Vanilla Ice song '___ ___ Baby'
Another name for miniature golf
A way of saying 'so long'
Yogi Bear's little buddy
Average, okay, tolerable
Simon Le Bon's band
Mr. Incredible's youngest
Lollipop brand
Jim Carrey movie
1996 hit song by The Smashing Pumpkins
High-kicking line dance
Candy, often robed in chocolate
Name for '60s table-dancing girls
Tenor drum included in most rock drum kits
DefinitionRepeated Word
City located in southeast Washington State
Leroy Brown descriptor
Fussy or showy dress or ornamentation
Something unacceptable or slang for 'no-hitter'
Indie rockers the ___ ___ Dolls
Barney and Betty Rubble's son
Bassist for The Ramones
Figure skater Starbuck (former Mrs. Bradshaw)
Maximum security prison in Ossining, NY
'Who's there?'-type joke
Pro golfer Rodriguez
Equal chance of winning or losing
Positive result for both: ___-___ situation
Child's adjective for a train
Faulkner novel

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