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Can you name the animal in the movie title when given the animal's baby name?

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Forced Order
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Movie w/Baby AnimalActual Animal in Title
That Darn Kitten!
Cockrell Cogburn
Brother Cub
The Maggot II
Puppy Day Afternoon
Howard the Duckling
Whelp Ugly
Water for Calves
The Wings of the Squab
Beneath the Planet of the Babies
Crouching Cub, Hidden Dragon
The Secret Life of Larvae
Chick Run
The Fawn Hunter
The Fledgling Has Landed
The Maltese Chick
Pup Tale
Island of the Blue Calves
Movie w/Baby AnimalActual Animal in Title
Teenage Mutant Ninja Hatchlings
A Fingerling Called Wanda
The Princess and the Tadpole
The Men Who Stare at Kids
Wild Shoats
The Foal Whisperer
Infants in the Mist
The Cub King
Twelve Infants
Father Gosling
Fantastic Mr. Kit
Black Eyas Down
Joey Jack
The Stot-Bow Incident
Who Framed Roger Bunny
Black Cygnet
The Whelp Man
Kiss of the Spiderling Woman

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