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Can you name the correct answer to each of these 'how high?' questions?

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How High?Answer
How high was the U.S. unemployment rate during the Great Depression in 1933? A) 16.2% B) 19.3% C) 24.9% D) 33.7%
How high is the Eiffel Tower in Paris? A) 984 ft B) 1,127 ft C) 1,562 ft D) 2,988 ft
How high is the tip of the Statue of Liberty's torch? A) 150.1 ft B) 210.1 ft C) 305.1 ft D) 415.1 ft
How high is the worldwide gross of the movie Avatar to date? A) $2.8 billion B) $3.8 billion C) $4.8 billion D) $5.8 billion
How high is the divorce rate in the United States when the bride marries before the age of 18? A) 38% B) 48% C) 58% D) 68%
How high was the world's tallest man? A) 7 ft, 11 in B) 8 ft, 2 in C) 8 ft, 4 in D) 8 ft, 11 in
How high was the world's tallest giraffe? A) 20 ft B) 22 ft C) 26 ft D) 28 ft
How high was the Wright Brothers' first powered flight on Dec. 17, 1903? A) 2 ft B) 10 ft C) 22 ft D) 112 ft
How High?Answer
How high is the peak of Mount Everest? A) 3,562 ft B) 10, 844 ft C) 17,453 ft D) 29,029 ft
How high is the basketball rim in the NBA? A) 9 ft B) 10 ft C) 11 ft D) 12 ft
How high is the tallest tree in Redwood National Park? A) 279.3 ft B) 379.3 ft C) 479.3 ft D) 579.3 ft
How high is top-ranked Monaco's life expectancy? A) 67.3 B) 82.9 C) 89.7 D) 91.1
How high is the Green Monster (left-field wall) at Fenway Park? A) 37.2 ft B) 45.7 ft C) 62.5 ft D) 89.7 ft
How high was the tip of the Great Pyramid when built? A) 250 ft B) 360 ft C) 480 ft D) 660 ft
How high is it to sea level from the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean? A) 17,800 ft B) 23,800 ft C) 28,300 ft D) 36,200 ft
How high is the highest recorded temperature on Earth? A) 113F (45C) B) 122F (50C) C) 129F (54C) D) 136F (58C)

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