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Can you name the words that begin with either a hard G or a soft G?

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A beer or a book of records 
Barry Williams' character on 'The Brady Bunch' 
3-letter clothing retailer famed for its khakis. 
A city in Indiana or an actor in 'High Noon' 
Sam Snead or Tiger Woods 
Interjection often followed by 'gee' 
Candy that comes in bears, worms and snakes 
Nestle chocolate-covered peanut candy 
Jim Nabors played private ___ Pyle 
144 of something 
7-Eleven would like you to take a Big ___ 
Monopoly. Red rover. Yahtzee. Capture the flag. 
The Crips or the Bloods 
Gatsby. McGinty. Waldo Pepper. Dictator. 
Internet corp. whose name has become a verb 
Where one might work out 
Desert rodent that is often a children's pet 
Lee. Patton. MacArthur. Schwarzkopf. 
Tallest living terrestrial animal 
New York football team 
___ Rose Lee 
Slick hair product 
Einstein is considered one – Mozart too 
4th state admitted to the Union 
Wash your hands free of these 
Interjection often followed by 'whiz' 
National ___ was first published in 1888 
Spirit of a Tom Collins 
Washington. Bush. Gershwin. Costanza. 

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