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Can you name the words that either begin with GO or end with OG?

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Begins with GO
Marlon Brando played one 
Cinderella had one 
Artist Vincent Van ____ 
Novelist Nadine ________ 
A chocolate brand 
An Italian cheese 
Spider-Man's arch enemy, the Green ______ 
Batman's city 
Zeus and Thor 
Turkey sound 
'Hobbit' character 
'Love Boat' character 
Chuck Barris' 'The ____ Show' 
Asian desert that ranks among the world's largest 
Russia's top dog from '85 to '91 
'59 Ian Fleming book (or '64 Sean Connery movie) 
City near Sodom 
Venetian rowing boat 
Muppet or Hunter S. Thompson's journalism style 
First name of 'Wall Street' antagonist Gecko 
Ends with OG
Jeremiah was one 
Sonic is one 
The Beatles' 'Hey _______' 
A synthesizer brand 
London is known for an inordinate amount of it 
Los Angeles is known for an inordinate amount of it 
Deep-fried carnival treat on a stick 
It's a blend of 'web' and 'log' 
Another name for a tadpole 
British slang for kissing 
A children's game involving jumping over things 
It looks for its shadow on February 2 
German film director Werner ______ 
A ship's captain keeps one 
Libraries filled this with cards to help you find books 
Nickname of students on 'Welcome Back, Kotter' 
Trudge through mud 
Rum diluted with water 
'There's no need to fear, ________ is here!' 
A pig with tusks 

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