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Forced Order
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Definition'Fore' Word
Not after.
What a meteorologist gets wrong every single time.
An impressive-sounding word, often found in legal documents and student essays, that means 'previously said or noted.'
Removal of trees from woodlands by heartless, money-grubbing developers.
Many conclusions are this.
Not expected, like the F my son just got in Earth Science.
Careful consideration of what will be necessary or may happen in the future. Or so says the OED.
A person (or ape, if you're to believe Darwin) from which you are descended.
Last name of Horatio Hornblower creator.
The driver in the Buick next to me the other day was digging this into his nose.
Definition'Fore' Word
A sleeveless dress young in a girl's wardrobe, or a ship in a Gilbert & Sullivan play.
The name of a cafe with animatronic jungle animals that either delight or terrify young children.
To abstain or do without. Like the Cubs and the World Series.
Consequently. Hence. As a result. Or what Tarzan would say if he saw the number four.
What Tarzan would say if he saw the number 24.
Circumcised. (This is a word. Seriously.)
Never ending, like my father-in-law's stories about bow hunting in Kentucky with his Uncle ****.
The art of debate.
What your house goes into if you use credit cards with the reckless abandon of someone like, say, my wife.
Most female tennis pros make a high-pitched grunt when performing these during a match.

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