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Based on the clue, can you name the new title of these famous novels that have had one word replaced with a rhyming word? (See HOW TO PLAY for example)

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ClueNovel w/Rhyming Word
Peter Benchley's thriller about a killer crow.
Harper Lee's poultry cook book.
William Golding's tale of an aristocrat who makes tasty key lime and lemon meringue desserts.
John Steinbeck's look at the relationship between blood-sucking parasites and male humans.
Stephen King's chiller about a hirsute (and telekinetic) high school prom queen.
Yann Martel's bio of TV chef and game show host Fieri.
Sylvia Plath's experimental novel about a glass container of noxious human flatulence.
Nathaniel Hawthorne's romance about a missive written by a prostitute.
Ernest Hemingway's parable about an octogenarian who makes a living emptying bed pans.
H.G. Wells' science fiction novel about a mechanical contraption that produces citrusy fruit.
Charles Dickens' tale about an orphan-turned-archer who is utterly incapable of hitting a target.
Jack Kerouac's dystopian story about a microscopic society that lives atop an amphibian.
Alexander Dumas' yarn about sword-fighting French soldiers who do not charge for their services.
Thomas Hardy's romp about bow-tied WKRP reporter Nessman joining the d'Urberville family.
F. Scott Fitzgerald's loving Parisian tale about a soft-hearted fairy.
Raymond Chandler's whodunit about a record-setting Olympic long jump that leads to murder.
Edgar Allan Poe's short story about Mister Rogers' stolen cardigan.
Geoffrey Chaucer's undersea adventure featuring a fun-loving family of orcas.
Jack London's epic page-turner about a young boy who phones his parents.
Louisa May Alcott's heartbreaking story about fragile old ladies who keep breaking bones.

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