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Can you name the people, things, and phrases with the initials B.O.?

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Current U.S. president
Johnson's makes it to moisturize an infant's skin
Fox News Channel host and political commentator
Sometimes you '___ ___ more than you can chew'
Boston Bruins Hall of Fame defenseman
The government had to do this to save General Motors
R&B artist who sang 'Caribbean Queen'
A synonym for the verb 'faint'
English singer-songwriter known for her 'folktronica'
Many bands come out with this type of album
Bassist of the Cars
Hoop star Oscar Robertson was known as this
A rocket does this at launch
If it's not a twist off, you'll need this
The place where film or theater tickets are sold
Washington Redskins linebacker (Drafted '09 from Texas)
70s horror flick starring Karen Black and Bette Davis
Canadian Figure Skater ('84 & '88 Silver Medalist)
Neil Young feels it's better to '___ ___ than to fade away'
Country singer and Hee Haw co-host

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