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Can you name the real movie title from these 'politically correct' or euphemistic ones?

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PC/Euphemistic TitleReal Movie Title
Big Boned Albert
The Good, the Prone to Rule Avoidance and the Less Than Pleasant to Look At
Unsupervised Youth Groups of New York
The Photonically Non-Receptive Side
Developmentally Disabled and More Developmentally Disabled
The Unique Couple
The Correctional Facility Guest of Zenda
Zack and Miri Make an Adult Entertainment Vehicle
The Great Man Who Got Overly Carried Away with Political Power
Hasn't-Had-a-Chance-to-Shower-in-Some-Time Harry
Demonstrably Frustrated Bull
American Mentally Disturbed Person
Not Living Up to Social Expectations Teacher
The Fast and the Very Passionate
Snow White and the Seven Little People
Inglourious Illegitimate Offspring of Unmarried Parents
Teller of Less-Than-Accurate Facts, Teller of Less-Than-Accurate Facts
No Country for Experientially Advanced Males
Previously Driven Cars
Casualties of an Excessively Physical Disagreement Between Countries
Kindness-Lacking Girls
The Physically Different Person of Notre Dame
The Unencumbered-by-Clothing City
The Broad-Definition-of-Appropriate-Behavior Bunch
To Catch an Extremely Long-Term Borrower

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