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Can you name the film directors when given one word from three different movie titles?

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Forced Order
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Movie Title WordsDirector
Raging Aviator Temptation
Shining Orange Eyes
Catch Artificial Raiders
Brown Fiction Dogs
Play Baby Gran
Sleepy Wood Apes
Rosemary's Fearless Pianist
Hannah Deconstucting Bananas
Malcolm Gotta Fever
Fear Munchausen Monkeys
Heavenly Kong Bones
Birds Harry Rear
Rumble Peggy Cotton
Ocean's Limey Lies
Magnificent Shanghai Kane
Movie Title WordsDirector
Itch Irma Stalag
Wild Virgin Fanny
Wonderful Washington Deeds
Modern Kid Dictator
Prizzi's Maltese Misfits
Velvet Elephant Peaks
Polar Gump Future
1138 Graffiti Wars
Blazing Frankenstein Tights
Sally Spinal Misery
Blow Carlito's Untouchables
Curious Tattoo Network
Electric Tootsie Days
York Prefer Monkey
Natural Nixon Doors

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