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Can you determine whether each of the following items existed in the provided year?

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Did it exist?Y or N
McDonald's in 1934
Kellogg's Corn Flakes in 1906
Google in 1995
Titleist golf balls in 1937
Sporcle in 2006
Bic Lighter in 1958
Trojan condoms in 1922
Budweiser beer in 1858
Silly Putty in 1932
Rubik's Cube in 1954
Microsoft Word in 1990
ChapStick in 1918
Oreo cookies in 1919
Depends adult diapers in 1977
G.I. Joe doll in 1948
Chanel No. 5 in 1924
ESPN in 1976
Lego bricks in 1931
MLB's Toronto Blue Jays in 1978
Viagra in 1987
Did it exist?Y or N
'The Simpsons' in 1989
Air Jordan shoes in 1987
Chevy Corvette in 1954
Wall Street Journal in 1897
Barbie doll in 1944
Slinky in 1936
Eggo frozen waffles in 1955
Twister game in 1969
Milk-Bone dog biscuits in 1917
Amazon Kindle in 2005
Sudoko in 1988
Wii in 2007
NFL's Seattle Seahawks in 1979
'60 Minutes' in 1960
Rolling Stone mag in 1964
Pampers diapers in 1948
OFF! insect repellent in 1941
Greenpeace in 1976
Spam canned meat in 1918
Baseball Hall of Fame in 1927

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