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QUIZ: Can you name the first name of the singers whose surname is hidden within each sentence?

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Surname SentenceFirst Name
'I cringe at being crammed into this crampy cube,' complained the call-center clerk.
He waits tables to support his true passion: creating crafty quizzes on Sporcle.
'Take the helm and hold on fer yer life!' bellowed the peakish pirate to his peg-legged mate.
Seeing the salami slung over her shoulder made him wonder if she had given up being a vegan.
'HURRY! The dumplings are dang near done cooking!' he screeched. 'There isn't time to loaf!
'A spelunker is a person who explores a cave,' the uncle clarified. 'It's not the anal scent gland of a skunk.'
'In Michigan, we call it pop – other states call it soda,' explained the wily waiter to the boarish barfly.
“An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” said the TV chef. “But an apple danish a day keeps the depression away!”
In trying to defend his mother-in-law, the attorney found himself between a rock and a hard place.
'Be swift! The dumplings are off the stove and on the table! And the cub scouts are near!'
'Oh just eat the salad,' exhorted the wife. 'It's only a piece of dirt - not an ant.'
His fiancée didn't like films with a lot of blood and gore. He didn't like films with a lot of romance and bodices.
'I prefer harlot to hooker,' expounded the prositute to the magistrate about her career as a streetwalker.
'A planet, a car, a Roman God,' said Alex Trebek. 'What is Mercury?' answered the Jeopardy champion.
After the accident involving the banana-hauling semi, the road was so slick 14 cops were injured falling.

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