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Can you name the correct each sentence by replacing the incorrect word with the correct one?

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SentenceCorrected Word
Its going to be a great day.
I hear their coming at six o'clock.
I have more money then you do.
Do you know what your doing?
He doesn't now as much as Ed does.
We should of gone to the movies.
We need to flush out this idea before we show it to Jim.
The police officer caught both thiefs.
Last week, I opened a IRA.
I think that's there dog.
My moms the one who baked the cake.
He's the guy that has the Corvette.
Our math teacher is showing us how to ad.
The movie was way to long.
Is it alright if I have candy before dinner?
SentenceCorrected Word
I don't get angry any more.
I'm anxious to get to the carnival for more fun.
John Smith wrote an autobiography of George Washington
We need to adapt a new strategy.
The cereal is in isle number five.
They're exchanging vows at the alter.
Neither are the right answer.
There are a lot less cars in the parking garage today.
The dog was chasing Scott and I.
You're a boldfaced liar!
You need to logout of the online tutorial.
He was the brunt of their joke.
I don't know what here problem is.
I can't bare it any longer.
You shouldn't have brung the dog.
SentenceCorrected Word
You must site your sources at the end of the report.
Every evening, she writes in her dairy.
It's an every day occurrence.
The Parkers live next store.
Peanut butter and chocolate compliment each other well.
I could care less if she doesn't like me.
It's definate. We're getting new uniforms.
He used duck tape to repair the steering wheel.
They were entering a new faze of development.
He played very good at his game today.
He was fourty years old when he finally learned to drive.
I have to get orientated to the way they work.
The military sub was honing in on the target.
Him and I are going to lunch at noon.
If I was a pro baseball player, I'd play for free.
SentenceCorrected Word
Can you itch my back between my shoulder blades?
She inferred to her husband that he had been gaining weight.
He's the one whose going on the camping trip with us.
I let the dog run lose in the park.
You don't like red cars? Me either.
We drove passed their house on the way to the movie.
The HR department is in charge of hiring all personal at the hospital.
From this point forward, we are entering unchartered waters.
You should be weary of going into that old, abandoned house.
Those woman are too old to be skateboarding.
That's one of the worse meals I've ever had.
If you need help, ask Gilly or myself.
Everyone liked it accept me.
I'm going to have ice cream for desert.
I wander what I'll get on the spelling test.

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