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Can you name the misspelled words by providing the correct spellings?

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Sentence w/Misspelled WordCorrectly Spelled Word
She went to the stage to recieve her diploma.
From a young age, she had a firey temper.
Edward visited New York because one day he wanted to be a playwrite.
She knew it was a priviledge to meet the president in the White House.
How many words in this quiz are mispelled?
On her next birthday, the pediatrician would be fourty.
There were just miniscule differences between the twins.
He planned to study medeval literature in graduate school.
He could tell by the fuel gage that they would need to fill up soon.
She couldn't taste any alcohol in the strawberry daquiri.
Her aunt wanted to take flowers to the cemetary.
The yacht was approaching the bouy.
On their vacation, they're going on a Carribean cruise.
He starts his temporary assignment tommorrow.
Her favorite type of music is rhythym and blues.
He had commited himself to winning the competition.
His constant drunkeness was becoming an issue.
She used a florescent bulb because it was better for the environment.
The fact that she preferred Faulkner was not relevent to the conversation.
She felt like she'd peeled a million potatos for the family reunion.
Sentence w/Misspelled WordCorrectly Spelled Word
The young boy finally understood the difference between paralell and perpendicular.
He didn't know the proper pronounciation of hypocrite.
Before dinner, they were serving hors deurves.
This September, she'd be entering kintergarden.
The maintenance man was repairing the electrical outlet in the labratory.
He could breath easier now that the examination was over.
She found it easy to believe that her anthropology professor had become an athiest.
The burgler was obviously an amateur.
Brocolli always gave her a stomach ache.
According to the schedule, the A's next game is at Oakland Colliseum.
The teacher wanted the temperature in Farenheit and Celsius.
The freighter had just been equipped with new floatation devices.
She failed to understand why he took his hankerchiefs to the dry cleaners.
The fire chief promoted him from leutenant to captain.
The admiral ordered them to fire the missles.
Onomatopea is as hard to say as it is to spell.
In Great Britain, parliment is composed of the House of Commons and House of Lords.
I'm getting exausted from trying to remember how to spell all these words.
Peanuts and pistashios have a lot of calories.
It's preferrable to avoid spelling errors.

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