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Can you name the words that contain a color that is not in the item they describe?

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A person adept at gardening is said to have this
Wireless techology that connects cellphones
Sensationalistic newspaper reporting
Busted in the act of stealing ('caught ___-___')
Hallucinations from drinking too much
A costly possession that has no real purpose
A place where goods are bought or sold illicitly
A member of the aristocracy
A happy or exciting time is said to be a ___-___ day
A person who marries for wealth instead of love
A ___-___ person can talk others into doing things
Fast and unceasing, as in 'He talked a ___ ___'
Bubonic-plague pandemic
A fib told to be polite or not hurt someone
Ornate or flowery writing
The place where performers await to go on stage
Extortion of money by threats of public exposure
Lucrative incentives to keep an employee from leaving
Unnecessary procedures or rules that create delays
A husband who kills one wife after another
A person's time in retirement
A fuzzy, nondescript sound
Witchcraft used for evil purposes
Cowardly (think stomach)
A building made of glass that is used for plants
Do to others as you would have them do to you
A specially priced meal at a diner or cheap restaurant
The final 20 offensive yards on a football field
To expel from a community or group
A stock issue of high investment quality

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