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Can you name the celebrity surnames that have been replaced by their dictionary definitions?

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Celebrity Dictionary-izedActual Surname
Ryan Young Goose
Sean Seed That Is Eaten As A Vegetable And That Comes From Any One Of Many Different Kinds Of Climbing Plants
Elisabeth Class Of Bryophytic Plants Characterized By A Gametophyte Having A Small Leafy Often Tufted Stem Bearing Sex Organs At Its Tip
Harvey Fluid Secreted By The Mammary Glands Of Females For The Nourishment Of Their Young
David Digging Implement Adapted For Being Pushed Into The Ground With The Foot
Patti Youth Being Trained For The Medieval Rank Of Knight
Hilary Partly Decayed Organic Matter On The Forest Floor
Julia Steps Or Sets Of Steps For Passing Over Fences Or Walls
Stevie Rapt Attention Or Astonishment At Something Awesomely Mysterious
Clark Vertical Triangular End Of A Building From Cornice Or Eaves To Ridge
Freddie Silver-White Poisonous Heavy Metallic Element That Is Liquid At Ordinary Temperatures
Russell Class Of Goods Identified By Name As The Product Of A Single Firm Or Manufacturer
Stevie Small Notches Grooves Or Chips
Christopher Person To Whom Hospitality Is Extended
Larry Male Monarch Of A Major Territorial Unit
Steve Small Eurasian Bird (Delichon Urbica) Of The Swallow Family
Billy Quartz That Is Transparent Or Nearly So And That Is Either Colorless Or Only Slightly Tinged
Minnie Dense Usually Lustrous Concretion Formed As An Abnormal Growth Within The Shell Of Some Mollusks
Helen Chase And Kill Wild Animals For Food Or Pleasure
Martin Extending A Small Distance From One End To The Other End
Robert Any Of A Kingdom Of Multicellular Eukaryotic Mostly Photosynthetic Organisms Typically Lacking Locomotive Movement
Hilary To Behave In A Way That Is Intended To Impress People
John Crystallized Sugar Formed By Boiling Down Sugar Syrup
Ed Levers Or Wheels Controlling The Rudders Of Ships For Steering
Eddie Something Generally Accepted As A Medium Of Exchange Or A Means Of Payment
Geoffrey Move Forward Progress Or Act With Haste Or Eagerness Or Without Preparation
Blake Briskly Alert And Energetic
Donna Tall Thin Grass That Grows In Wet Areas
William Unable To Reach A Decision Or Verdict
Michael Inspiring Disgust Or Distaste

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