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Can you name the facts about bulls to be true (enter BULL) or false (enter CRAP)?

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A bull is an 'uncastrated' adult male of the species 'Bos taurus'
Bulls have horns and cows do not
Bulls are more aggressive than females of the species
A steer is a castrated bull
A male armadillo is known as a bull
Bulls have larger feet than cows
It takes bulls two years to become fertile
The color red angers bulls
Most bulls are slaughtered before the age of 3
A ring on a bull's nose is to help control it
The circumference of a bull's scrotum is over 20 inches
Artificial insemination has increased due to bull violence
Bulldogs got their name because they were trained to attack bulls
In parts of Africa, bull horns are more valuable than elephant tusks
The sport of 'bull-surfing' has been banned in England
The heaviest bull on record is over 5,000 lbs
Toro is Latin for bull
Sixteen people have died in Pamplona's Running of the Bulls

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