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QUIZ: Can you name the sports records as being accurate (enter A) or inaccurate (enter I)?

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Sports Record(A)ccurate or (I)naccurate?
Fastest NHL hat trick: 37 seconds
Shortest 9-inning MLB game: 47 minutes
Fastest for NBA player to foul out: 3 minutes
Quickest score at start of NFL game: 3 seconds
Fastest recorded MLB pitch: 105.1 mph
Fastest time circling MLB bases: 9.7 seconds
Fastest recorded tennis serve: 181.2 mph
Longest hole-in-one per US Golf Register: 517 yards
Fastest bicycle speed on flat surface: 82.33 mph
Oldest age to play an NHL game: 62
Oldest age to play an MLB game: 59
Youngest age to play MLB game: 16
Consecutive scoreless MLB innings pitched: 43
Worst defeat in college football game: 222-0
Most goals by player in NHL game: 12
Longest juggling soccer ball: 17 hrs, 22 mins
Consecutive NBA free throws by player: 237
Longest golf hole in the world: 964 yards
Most points by one team in NFL game: 146
Most consecutive PGA victories: 7
Passing yards by one player in NFL game: 554
Most career hit batters by MLB pitcher: 3,237
Most rebounds by player in NBA game: 55
Most pitching wins in a season: 59
Consecutive Div 1 NCAA football wins: 132
Tallest NBA player: 7' 9''
Longest baseball throw: 445' 10''
Longest MLB winning streak: 21 games
Longest MLB losing streak: 37 games
Most penalties by a player in NHL game: 10

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