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Can you name the missing words from these albums that were on released on the 00 year of a decade?

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Bridge Over ___ Water (Simon & Garfunkel) 
___ the Goldrush (Neil Young) 
John Lennon/___Ono Band 
Live at ___ (The Who) 
All ___ Must Pass (George Harrison) 
___ Sabbath (___ Sabbath) 
Layla and Other ___ Love Songs (Derek & the Dominos) 
Cosmo's ___ (CCR) 
___ Beauty (The Grateful Dead) 
___ to You (The Carpenters) 
___ in Black (AC/DC) 
Remain in ___ (Talking Heads) 
___ Mind (Prince) 
Hi ___ (REO Speedwagon) 
Fresh Fruit for Rotting ___ (Dead Kennedys) 
___ of Ozz (Ozzy Osbourne) 
___ Mondatta (The Police) 
Los ___ (X) 
Black ___ (XTC) 
Women and ___ First (Van Halen) 
___ of a Black Planet (Public Enemy) 
I Do Not Want What I ___ Got (Sinead O'Connor) 
AmeriKKKa's Most ___ (Ice Cube) 
___ De Lo Habitual (Jane's Addiction) 
Please Hammer, Don't ___ 'Em (MC Hammer) 
Mama Said ___ You Out (LL Cool J) 
Shake Your ___ Maker (Black Crowes) 
___ Glory (Neil Young & Crazy Horse) 
All ___ Down (The Replacements) 
___ Distortion (___ Distortion) 
The Marshall ___ LP (Eminem) 
___ Vidi Vicious (The Hives) 
All That You Can't Leave ___ (U2) 
Hybrid ___ (Linkin Park) 
Standing on the Shoulders of ___ (Oasis) 
Mad ___ (Matchbox Twenty) 
___ A (Radiohead) 
Conspiracy of ___ (The Offspring) 
Can't Take Me ___ (Pink) 
Bridging the ___ (The Black Eyed Peas) 

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