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Can you name the correct word that goes in each song title?

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SongA, B, or C?Artist
Cathy's ___: A) Clown B) Cab C) CalfEverly Brothers
You ___ Too Much: A) Eat B) Talk C) WeepJoe Jones
Shoppin' for ___: A) Clothes B) Mama C) LoveCoasters
A Little Bit of ___: A) Honey B) Soap C) LegJarmels
These ___ of Mine: A) Scars B) Buckets C) ArmsOtis Redding
Two ___ Have I: A) Nickels B) Faces C) MothersLou Christie
Mickey's ___: A) Mermaid B) Mistress C) MonkeyMiracles
Keep on ___: A) Digging B) Bowling C) PushingImpressions
C'Mon and ___: A) Swim B) Fish C) SmoochBobby Freeman
My Boy ___: A) Lollipop B) Honeylips C) SlimMillie Small
A ___ Concerto: A) Cowboy's B) Lover's C) Gangster'sToys
Don't ___ with Bill: A) Mess B) Dance C) SnuggleMarvelettes
A ___ Kind of Love: A) Moody B) Deadly C) GroovyMindbenders
Working in a ___: A) 5 & Dime B) Coal Mine C) Girlie BarLee Dorsey
Pretty ___: A) Flamingo B) Carhop C) TomboyManfred Mann
I'd Rather Go ___: A) Crazy B) Blind C) BrokeEtta James
___ Broadway: A) Billy B) Working C) FunkyWilson Pickett
Incense and ___: A) Peppermints B) Circus Tents C) NonsenseStrawberry Alarm Clock
___ to Your Heart: A) Keyhole B) Expressway C) CombinationSoul Survivors
___ Finger: A) Middle B) Love C) SoulBar-Kays
Seven Rooms of ___: A) Cheatin' B) Satin C) GloomFour Tops
Greasy ___: A) Spoon B) Hair C) GooseyRufus Thomas
___ in the Grass: A) Grazing B) Rolling C) BleedingFriends of Distinction
Mule ___ Blues: A) Ridin' B) Skinner C) Stompin'Fendermen
The Night Has a Thousand ___: A) Teardrops B) Girls C) EyesBobby Vee
I'm Your ___: A) Pillow B) Pickle C) PuppetJames & Bobby Purify
Help I'm a ___: A) Mole B) Rock C) RepublicanMothers of Invention
I Don't Need No ___: A) Breakfast B) Parachute C) DoctorRay Charles
I Love ___: A) Whiskey B) Onions C) FiremenSusan Christie
Kill for ___: A) Peace B) Clarissa C) KAOSThe Fugs

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