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Who portrays Buffy Summers?
What is Willow's last name?
What name is shared by Spike's mom and Buffy?
Buffy works at this fast food place.
Which regular customer at the Doublemeat Palace turns out to be demon?
Who is the new manager at the Doublemeat Palace?
What episode is Buffy bested by a vampire and stabbed with a stake?
Who is Spike's muse in the 1800s?
How does Spike describe the Chinese slayer he killed during the Boxer Rebellion?
Kali Rocha's character.
Anya Christina _________ Jenkins
Anya as a vengence demon.
Anya was born with this name.
Anya appears in 1998 with the name 'Anya ________'.
Anyanka, Patron Saint of the ________ Scorned.
Anya speaks fluent English, French, and _______.
Anya wants to trade this for more money while playing Monopoly.
Xander's first name.
Xander's full name.
Around 1580, Anya dates this famous vampire.
What does Xander do for a living?
Xander takes this demon to the prom.
What is the name of the place where this series takes place?
Where is this place located?
Besides being a sister, what is Dawn?
How did Spike earn the name 'William the Bloody'?
Who catches Xander kissing Willow in 'Lover's Walk'?
Who portrays Cordelia Chase?
Which vampire has a soul?
Who was cursed with a soul?
Who fought for their soul?
Harry Groener's character.
What term in the show is used to describe the main antagonist or villain?
Season One's Big Bad.
Season Two's Big Bad?
Season Three's Big Bad.
Season Four's Big Bad?
Season Five's Big Bad.
Who does Tom Lenk portray?
What episode does Spike and Drusilla arrive in Sunnydale?
Where do Spike and Drusilla go after being bested by Buffy and Angel in Season Two?
In 'Crush' what is seen on the train?
What is implanted in Spike's brain?
Who put this in Spike's head?
What does the Initiative refer to its captives as?
What is the name of the nightclub in Sunnydale?
The name of the band that Oz is in.
Who resuscitates Buffy?
Which member of the Initiative did Buffy date?
What episode does Riley find out that Buffy is the slayer?

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