Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: Stallone vs. Weathers

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Can you name the five-letter words in this ladder based on a famous movie franchise?

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Hint5-letter Word
●Fictional boxer, 'The Italian Stallion'●
Castle-shaped chess pieces
Takes a gander
Takes part in piracy
Ill-mannered oafs
●[First rung] faced [last rung] in two of these●
Galleons, frigates, and tugs
Juvenile irritants
A section of the orchestra
It can precede 'test dummy' or 'bandicoot'
Hint5-letter Word
Confront violently, as titans might
Light source for a camera
Small storage vessel, especially for alcohol
Press agent
One way to obtain oil
Damage; often paired with 'ruin'
A deeply distraught individual
To inflict, especially with havoc
●What Ivan Drago must do to [first rung]●
It's 'the rye or the kaiser'
Produce offspring
●Fictional boxer, 'The Master of Disaster'●

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