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QUIZ: Can you name the Scrabble-legal words that have been used by U.S. Vice Presidents as their first or last name?

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17Slang for a male sex organ
(in official tournament word list only)
14A toilet
13To put in proper order
13One that conveys on circular frames
11A detective
11To pillage
11The S.I. unit for electrical inductance
10A fellow, or coffee
10Informal term for an instrument for amplifying or recording sound
10A woman's undergarment
9A shrub
9A male monarch
9Multiple one-cent coins
8To cross by wading
8A small bird
7To gather and store
7An attic
6To remove a rough edge from
6A type of wrestling hold
5To pierce with a horn or tusk
4A level of skill in martial arts
2An East Indian tree

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