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Can you name the movies where someone participated in both the original and the remake?

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Alfred Hitchcock directed this suspense film in black & white, then directed a color version starring Jimmy Stewart.1934, 1956
Alvin Greenman played a young Macy's employee in this Christmas classic; a whopping 47 years later, he had a minor role as a doorman in the remake.1947, 1994
Ann Robinson and Gene Barry played the leads in the sci-fi epic; they play grandparents in the Spielberg remake.1953, 2005
Burt Reynolds played quarterback Paul Crewe in the original movie, and Coach Nate Scarborough in the remake.1974, 2005
Cecil B. DeMille directed this silent western, remade it four years later, and later remade it again with sound.1914, 1918, 1931
Cecil B. DeMille directed this silent film, and its epic remake starring Charlton Heston.1923, 1956
Charlton Heston was the heroic star of the original; in the remake, he switched sides and species for a cameo, still wanting to damn everyone to hell.1968, 2001
Michael Caine was Milo Tindle, then took over the role of Andrew Wyke in the remake of this detective movie.1972, 2007
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Michael Caine played the eponymous gangster in the first film, and Cliff Brumby in the remake.1971, 2000
John Larroquette provided the narration for both versions of this slasher film.1974, 2003
John Woo directed this action film and went back to it just 5 years later, replacing Chow Yun-Fat with Nicholas Lea.1991, 1996
For the remake, Mel Brooks performed the real life task named in the title of this film based on a play based on a film about a play, which Mel Brooks directed.1968, 2005
Although Peter Dinklage changed character names in the American remake of this British comedy, the role was the same, as the deceased's diminutive homosexual lover.2007, 2010
In this film, itself a remake, Rick Baker brought a giant ape to life via special effects. In the re-remake, he did the opposite, appearing as a fighter pilot who shot the ape down1976, 2005
Russell Streiner produced both this zombie film, and its remake. He also had small roles in each, as the first shown victim in the original, and as a sheriff in the remake.1968, 1990
Vincent Price played George, the Duke of Clarence, and then Richard, Duke of Gloucester in this film about English royalty and murders.1939, 1962

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