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Can you name the holiday that may cause these complaints from the birthday boy or girl?

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If you want a gift that isn't romantic, it hasn't been in stock since December.
You received more local news coverage on the day you were born than you ever will again.
Your aunt pinches you once for your birthday and again for wearing the wrong color.
Every year your older brother wakes you up at the crack of dawn and drags you outside to see your shadow.
Do you like piñatas? You'd better. You'll have a plethora of piñatas.
No matter what you want for your birthday dinner, this year it's going to be turkey.
Nobody ever believes you when you say it's your birthday.
You always feel like a runner-up to the birth of the country itself.
It's really hard to blow out the candles through a plastic mask.
You're counting up birthdays, they're counting down. You're making wishes, they're making promises they don't intend to keep.
Your older sister always told you that you had to be good all year or next time it'd be YOU on the bonfire.
Some kids get toys. Some kids get money. You get guilt-tripped into planting a tree.
Even if it only coincided with your birth and never since, people still give you bunny ears in photos.
The fire marshall says there are already too many candles in the house without the cake.
Most kids get a present for the holiday and a present for their birthday. You get a present that counts for both.

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