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Cartoon YearsCartoonMovie Year & Star
19961994; Jim Carrey
1994-19951992; Robin Williams (Voice)
2001-20022001; David Duchovny
1996-19991989; Burt Reynolds (Voice)
1991-19931985; Michael J. Fox
2007-Present2006; Kevin James (Voice)
1994-19951992; Bonnie Hunt
1989-19911988; Michael Keaton
1990-19911989; Keanu Reeves
2000-20011995; Tim Allen (Voice)
20001994; Brian O'Halloran
1985-19861977; Mark Hamill
19951994; Jim Carrey
2006-20082000; David Spade (Voice)
1985-19871983; Mark Hamill
19971984; Harold Ramis
1992-19931986; Phillip Glasser (Voice)
19941993; Jason James Richter
19821982; Gary Coleman (TV Movie)
1978-19801954; Katsumi Tezuka
1998-20001998; Matthew Broderick
19941986; Christopher Lambert
1996-19991995; Robin Williams
1996-19981967; Louis Prima (Voice)
19891984; Ralph Macchio
2000-20011933; Fay Wray
2001-20031999; Tony Goldwyn (Voice)
1992-19941991; Ethan Hawke
2003-20062002; Daveigh Chase (Voice)
1992-19941989; Jodi Benson (Voice)
Cartoon YearsCartoonMovie Year & Star
19911986; Rick Moranis
1995-19971994; Jim Carrey
1997-20011997; Will Smith
1996-19971992; Emilio Estevez
1995-19961995; Christopher Lambert
20011999; Brendan Fraser
1984-19911984; Jim Henson (Voice)
19951984; Barret Oliver
2008-Present2005; Ben Stiller (Voice)
19881984; Steve Guttenberg
19931990; John Ritter
19861982; Sylvester Stallone
1986-19911984; Bill Murray
1975-19761968; Charlton Heston
19881987; Peter Weller
19991997; Casper Van Dien
20081987; Mel Brooks
20032002; Tobey Maguire
1996-19981995; Christina Ricci
2003-20052002; Ewan McGregor
2008-Present2008; Matt Lanter (Voice)
2002-20031994; Kurt Russell
19951994; Raul Julia
20031999; Michael J. Fox (Voice)
1990-19941967; Phil Harris (Voice)
1986-19881985; Michael J. Fox
1995-19981994; Nathan Lane (Voice)
1991-19931984; Mitch Cohen
1990-19911939; Judy Garland

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