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AFirst great Persian empire, began under Cyrus
B'Song of the Lord,' an Indian short poem taken from the 'Mahabharata'
CLarge structure in modern day Illinois that was constructed by mound-building peoples of the Americas
DThis term means 'house of Islam,' it was used for the Islamic world
EBritish joint-stock company that imperialized India, when the Mughal empire was weak
FSpanish conquistador who conquered the Inca Empire
GMongol tribe that controlled Russia from the 13th-15th century
HGerman attempt to exterminate Jews by gassing them and by other torturous ways
IEastern American Confederation consisting of Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca tribes
JIndian religion associated with Vardhamana Mahavira and nonviolence against all living beings
KJapanese term for 'divine wind' used to describe the Mongol fleets destroyed in storms and later used by suicide pilots during WWII
L'Law of retaliation' where the offender faced punishment according to his crime
MWestern African Kingdom founded by Sundiata and reached its peak under Mansa Musa
NTerm meaning 'blackness' used by African nationalists to celebrate heritage of black people around the world
OThe organization of oil-producing states; Put an oil embargo on the U.S
PGreek term for the city-state
QIncan mnemonic aid made up of different colored strings and knots used to record events in the absence of written text
RRussian dynasty founded by Mikhail Romanov and ended with Nicholas II
SA Japanese warrior
TIslamic organization that ruled Afghanistan from 1996-2002
UMesopotamian city and also the home of the fabled legend Gilgamesh
VPalace of French King Louis XIV, World War I peace treaty was named after it
WA military alliance formed by Soviet bloc nations in 1955
X7th century Chinese monk who traveled to India to collect Buddhist texts
YLegendary founder of the Xia dynasty in China
ZPersian prophet who founded Zoroastrianism

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