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AFascist leader of Germany
BPeople who migrated to most parts of Africa while spreading crops and domestic animals
CThe man who started the practice of blood letting during the time of the Maya
DThis Chinese belief system calls for humans to live in harmony with nature
EThis river valley civilization used their knowledge of mathematics and astronomy to build large triangular structures
FNomads who invaded Rome and would later be called the French
GAnother name for the Ottoman, Safavid, and the Mughal empires
HGalileo Galilei was put to house arrest after being suspected of...
IThis country tried to imperialize Ethiopia but failed miserably
JThis country started to imperialize after being imperialized
KGerman philosopher and founder of modern socialism, wrote 'Das Capital'
LU.S purchased this from France for $15 million
MPeaceful protester of British raj in India
NBuddhist concept of a state of spiritual perfection and enlightenment
OPre-Columbian America did not have the technology to harvest metal so they used this material to make weapons and other objects
PThis Italian dish was a result of the Columbian Exchange
QThe dynasty of the Machu's in China
RThis war began when the Japanese attacked the Russian navy at Port Arthur
SThis word comes from Persia and means 'king' or a ruler
TRussians built this railroad to move troops and industrial goods with ease and quickness
UFirst Islamic caliphate, and then declined
VHe succeeded Boris Yelstin after he stopped being popular due to economic difficulties in Russia
WAn organization consisting 100+ nations whose goal is to promote free trade and maintain trade
XNomads who invaded the Han dynasty in Chin
YTurkish reformers who pushed for changes like universal suffrage and freedom of religion within the Ottoman Empire to prevent it from collapsing
ZPersian religion based on the teachings of prophet Zarathustra

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