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Can you name the words ending in -onym from the given definitions?

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 a word indicating the 'single name' as generally applied to people e.g. Madonna or Plato
 a word equivalent in meaning or nearly so to another word
 a code name
 a word with the exact opposite meaning of another word
 an ordinary word understood as an (usually amusing or ironic) acronym, such as Fiat understood as 'Fix It Again Tomorrow'
 a person after whom a medical condition is named
 a compound or modified noun that replaces an original simple noun, for example 'analog watch' now means what 'watch' used to mean before the invention of the digital watch
 a word that changes its meaning (and sometimes pronunciation) when it is capitalized, such as March and march or Polish and polish
 a name of a human being; as reflected in surnames or proper names of people
 a reference to or name of a person who has died
 an acronym that is so well established that its origin as an abbreviation is no longer widely known, for example scuba and laser
 an original eponym of a trademark term that becomes so well established that it is used to define other objects that share its own definition (e.g. aspirin)
 a word that is spelled in the same way as another but that has a different sound and meaning, for example 'bow' as in 'bow of a ship' or 'bow and arrow'
 a word pronounced like another, but differing in meaning or derivation or spelling—also known as homophone (to, too, two)
 a name of a god
 a false and fictitious name, especially one adopted by an author
 a self-assigned name by locals of a place
  formed from the initials of one or more words that is pronounceable like a normal word, such as NATO
 a name used by one group of people for another group, but who call themselves by a different name, such as 'Germans' for 'Deutsche'
 a name of an ethnic group
 a name, derived from a place name, for residents of that place, e.g., Brazilian, from Brazil
 a word that is generated by a single sequence of numerals keyed in to a mobile telephone; for example, 726 produces pam, ram, sam, and ran. Also called homonumeric words
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