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Which branch does Holly get transferred to?
What was Phyllis' surname before she got married?
Who was Pam engaged to before Jim?
What is Erin's real first name?
What is Pete's nickname?
What do Michael and Dwight attempt to steal from the Utica branch in 'Branch Wars'?
Who did Stanley have an affair with?
Which Scranton establishment does Dwight try to boycott?
Who is the 'Secret Weapon' on the office basketball team?
Who is Dwight's brother?
What is the name of the character Dwight creates to celebrate Earth Day?
Which company do Jim and Darryl end up working for in the final episode?
What was the name of the I.T technician who Michael thought was a terrorist?
What does Creed tell Kelly that he has sold her in 'Weight Loss'?
Who briefly replaces Michael as manager before injuring hos brain whilst trying to dunk from the free throw line?
What is the name of the group of teenagers that Michael promised to pay college fees for?
Where is Stanley living in the last ever episode?
Who is the main character in Toby's novels?
What substance does Jim put both Andy and Dwight's things in?
Which rival company does Michael poach Danny Cordray from?
What is Michael's overweight character called?
Who is fired as acting manager for firing a gun?
What is the name of Ryan's baby?
Who turns down the manager position at Scranton then becomes CEO?
Who does Michael fire instead of Creed?
Who is 'Baby Wawa'?
Who cheats on her husband with Michael?
What is the name of Jan's daughter?
Who was the ex-con who transeferred from Stamford?
What is Clark's nickname when he first joins Dunder Mifflin?

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